Run/Walk Coordinator Position

Thanks for applying for our coordinator role! We will be hiring 2 coordinator positions in the upcoming weeks.

Please see below requirements and compensation:

Job Details:

- Coordinators will rotate through 2 different positions (Lead + Backup).

- Lead will commit to a set date. Backup will be called in case Lead is unable to make the set date for any reason (if called, Backup will get paid 1.5x normal base pay). Lead allowed emergency backup only one time every 6 months.

- Coordinator will work solo when the run has less than 25 participants.

- Coordinator will receive a Yellow identifying shirt for participants to find on the day-of.

- Coordinator will walk around the Finish area to cheer on participants.

- A small running clock will be left on the floor at the Finish area. A handheld timer watch will also be provided.

- Coordinator will record finish times of participants if they wish to have their results recorded.

- Special event permit not required for small group run of less than 50 participants per City requirements.

- Position is available long-term on a per event basis. Typically, we aim for one event per 1-2 months.

- Annual performance bonus for long-term coordinators.


- Work hours: 7:00am-11:00am

- Coordinator can receive a 1 hour compensation for a site walk-through before the day of the event.

- $20/hour base pay + $3 per participant who checks in.

- Minimum of $27/hour for 4 hours.

Event Marketing Internship (Paid)

If you're hired on as a contractor coordinator, you'll have the option of our Event Marketing Internship where you'll learn our marketing strategies to promote events on several different platforms to millions of monthly visitors.

This internship is a remote position. There is a small base pay (by project) while most of the compensation will come in Commission/Bonus pay. However, there is NO cold calling or selling to friends! You'll learn how to create and market virtual events.

We will teach you how to:

1. Create an event people will pay for.

2. Market an event/Get the word out.

3. Use Print-on-Demand to fulfill orders for participants worldwide.

What to Expect:

- All work will be done remotely.

- First two months will be learning the platforms and marketing strategies. Most of the training will be done through short videos, video call/shared screen.

- Base compensation is based off of work completed. There will be a bonus/commission dependent on sign-ups.

You will learn so much about online marketing and how to get the word out for businesses, ideas, and products.

We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic, someone who is able to work independently and solve problems on their own, and someone who is responsible and can get their work done without a lot of oversight.

Most of these events are virtual so you will not need to travel.

Compensation Structure:

You will be paid a base pay for the events you create and market (all marketing will be taught). On top of that, you will receive a Commission/Bonus of 20% of signups. Several of our events earn $500-$1000.

There will be a 2 month work trial where if the internship is not a good fit (from either parties), we can discontinue this role.

Once you've developed the know-how, the bonus is dependent on how much effort and creativity you put into the events. Commissions can pay out very generously depending on the work you put in. You can also earn larger bonuses by closing sponsorship deals with US companies (more info will be provided).

Annual bonuses awarded based off of performance. Transition to part-time or full-time role is definitely a possibility.

About For Glo LLC:

Our company was founded in 2014. We host and market in-person and virtual events all around the world, but primarily in the United States. Our company does digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and is also a small family office investment fund in the financial industry.


- Strong Work Ethic

- Ability to work independently

- Problem solver

- Basic Marketing/SEO knowledge a plus

Job Types: Part-time, Internship, Contract