Run/Walk Coordinator Position:

Thanks for applying for our coordinator role! If we hire you on as one of our coordinators, you'll also be offered the Specialist Contractor opportunities (below):


- Strong Work Ethic

- Ability to work independently/on your own

- Problem solver

- Basic Marketing/SEO knowledge a plus

Please see below requirements and compensation:

Job Details:

- Coordinator will work solo when the run has less than 25 participants. 

- Coordinator will receive a Yellow identifying shirt for participants to find on the day-of. 

- Coordinator will walk around the Finish area to cheer on participants. 

- A small running clock will be left on the floor at the Finish area. A handheld timer watch will also be provided. 

- Coordinator will record finish times of participants if they wish to have their results recorded. 

- Special event permit not required for small group run of less than 50 participants per City requirements. 

- Position is available long-term on a per event basis. Typically, we aim for one event per 1-2 months. 

- Annual performance bonus for long-term coordinators. 


- Work hours: 7:00am-11:00am

- Coordinator can receive a 1 hour compensation for a site walk-through before the day of the event. 

- $20/hour base pay + $3 per participant who checks in. 

- Minimum of $27/hour for 4 hours. 

Specialist Contractor (Paid)

If you're hired on as a contractor coordinator, you'll have the option of our Specialist Contractor where you'll have the opportunities to make income throughout the year when we may not have events to coordinate. 

This role is a remote position. There is a small base pay (by project) while most of the compensation will come in Commission/Bonus pay. However, there is NO cold calling or selling to friends! 

1. Creating Your Own Events:

- You would essentially come up with your own events. The event can be local or we can try and promote and expand it nationally. It can be just an idea where our designer will work with you to bring the idea to life. 

- For each event you come up with (and we think could also sell well) we'll pay you $30 as a base pay for coming up with the event idea. On top of that, we'll pay you a 10% lifetime perpetuity of the gross revenue every time we put up and list your event! 

We will handle all the work for your event (from listing/marketing, product fulfillment, customer service, etc)

2. Coordinating Events:

If the event is local and brings in enough participants (at least 8) and you coordinate the event on the day-of, we'll pay you the normal coordinating events rate. 

If we have other events that you help us coordinate, we'll pay you the same rate if you're able/willing to coordinate a small run on the day we have a run. 

3. Business Partnerships/Outreach 

Everytime we list your event, we will include a link for sponsorships and our flagship services for businesses (more info below). We can forward you leads/emails we get in your local City or we also have someone who can work with you to close those leads. 

But you may also do outreach any way you'd like (through family/friends referral, free influencer marketplaces such as or, or free events marketplaces such as 

We have two main services we provide for businesses.

1. We can help any company create an online store with customized swag that we design and ship for them. Here is an example of what the online store looks like:

2. We can create a custom event for any business and list their event to market their business on platforms with over 12 million monthly viewers. More info can be found here:

Ideal businesses would be influencers, restaurants, events, etc. 

Every business you sign-on that we work with, we will also pay $100 + 10% lifetime perpetuity on every sale from that company.

About For Glo LLC:

Our company was founded in 2014. We host and market in-person and virtual events all around the world, but primarily in the United States. Our company does digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, and is also a small family office investment fund in the financial industry.