For Glo One Stop Turn-Key Virtual Event Solution

Step 1: We Help Design a Virtual Event

- Concept, Design, what Participant gets (includes custom design apparel and giveaways for your brand)

Step 2: We Market it through Platform Websites, City/High Authority Sites

- Well over 15 million/monthly traffic

- Fully integrated into social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)

Step 3: We Execute the Event

- With over 10 years of event experience and having served over 1/4 million customers, we're in the business of happy customers so we ship participant items promptly and provide around the clock customer service.

Bonus: Fundraising

- As an added bonus, we can set up the platform so you're able to raise funds through your virtual event (with complete customizable pages, individual pages, teams, fundraising meters, etc.). 100% of the net proceeds from fundraising goes towards your organization.

Bonus: Additional Marketing

  • We also have extensive experience with working with and launching campaigns with subscriptions, recurring customers, and daily deals with extended reach (e.g. Groupon).

What We Need From You:

- Combined effort to drive traffic

- Giveaways, Discount offers or incentives from your store

- YOUR personal, unique touch & experiences for the event!

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Courage to Start, Discipline to Finish

Chop Away at Epilepsy

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The pandemic hit our industry hard, shutting down all events.

In just a few months following the pandemic, we quickly pivoted and made our events virtual. We developed a number of tools we felt would be effective for our customers, and we learned a lot along the way.

One of the areas we've really grown in is design.

We combined our in-depth SEO research on competitors, long-tail keywords, and trending topics with our in-house design team. And came up with over 100 creative designs on shirts, banners, prints, digital assets, and even designing videos in a few short months.

Here are just a few sample designs:

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We specialize in marketing and events. Our main purpose, however, is to unconditionally love & serve the underprivileged in this world by giving up our resources and time. We look for opportunities to connect and work with people and organizations to help those who aren't able to help themselves.

Our Marketing Philosophy

We believe marketing should be cost-effective and results driven. Some of the best methods of marketing we've found through years of testing aren't the ones that are expensive. But rather, the simple methods are the most effective and requires just time and knowledge.

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Our team specializes in:

> SEO/Driving Traffic

> Promoting/Supporting your Business on Large, Related sites (Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor, etc)

> Website/Content Creation

> Digital Photography/ Videography

> Digital Prints/Design

> Social Media Promotion

> E-mail Marketing

> Bolstering Word-of-Mouth Marketing

> Creative marketing ideas / hosting & promoting events


For Gloria was named after the Founder's sister, born with a mental disability. Our company is passionate about people with disabilities. As such, at least half of the profits from the company go towards benefiting various causes for people with disabilities through various non-profits supporting people with disabilities.

History & Timeline

In 2011, ForGloria's founder, Daniel, helped grow a small startup company with 3 people to over $4 million USD in sales.

In 2014, Daniel launched his own startup and in the course of just a few short years, had the opportunity to serve over a quarter million customers in the running industry.

In 2020, Daniel is hoping to invest in ideas that help impact the world.

In this pandemic together...

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