For Gloria

Update 11/27/2020

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for so many things in my life. I've been shown grace and blessed much more than I deserve. I believe more and more God is drawing my heart towards a new chapter in 2021.

Let me share with you the back story. Around College, God placed in my heart a love for orphans and underprivileged people around the world. In the next decade or so, I was given several opportunities to confirm and explore more of my heart's yearnings. Through the little time I got to spend in China, Myanmar, and around East Asia, I was able to see opportunities bigger than myself. At one point, I told God I'd work hard and to the best of my ability to secure some semblance of financial freedom -- to where finances wouldn't be of utmost concern so I could focus on other things.

Looking back, I should have started much earlier if I really trusted in God's provision. But more so than ever, I'm more convicted each day to guard my heart from the temptations of wealth and to invest my time/resources in what would really matter one day in eternity.

The big question for me is how? And what would that look like? I think it's too big of a question to answer today, but perhaps something I'll learn along the way in my journey of faith, knowing God more, and letting my life be an outflow of the love He's shown me.

I have no idea where tomorrow will take me. All I know is I want to be faithful, generous, and unconditionally love those around me.

Would you pray the Lord would continue to open my eyes and help me to be faithful each day?


We specialize in marketing and events. Our main purpose, however, is to unconditionally love & serve the underprivileged in this world by giving up our resources and time. We look for opportunities to connect and work with people and organizations to help those who aren't able to help themselves.

Our Marketing Philosophy

We believe marketing should be cost-effective and results driven. Some of the best methods of marketing we've found through years of testing aren't the ones that are expensive. But rather, the simple methods are the most effective and requires just time and knowledge.

Our Giving Philosophy

We don't give on the basis of what a person or organization can do for us. But rather we give unconditionally based on the love Christ has shown us over and over again through the work of the Cross.

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Latest Project

Myanmar Orphanage: Our heart is drawn towards a small orphanage in Lashio, Myanmar where 30 kids were abandoned and left to a couple living there. Their needs are food and basic supplies for their orphans but they're also seeking to improve the orphans' living conditions by building a safer home and finding sustainable means of growing their own crops and raising their own fish.

The orphans live not to care for themselves but with what little they already have (1-2 pairs of clothing, uncertain food rations each day), they use to reach other children in surrounding villages 3, 4, and even 5 hours away. Ultimately their hope comes from the gospel - that Christ is enough for them and already paid for the penalty of sin on the Cross. As an outflow of knowing this unconditional love, they recognize their lives were intended for something bigger -- to share the hope they have from knowing Christ.

Our marketing team specializes in:

> SEO/Driving Traffic

> Promoting/Supporting your Business on Large, Related sites (Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor, etc)

> Website/Content Creation

> Digital Photography/ Videography

> Digital Prints/Design

> Social Media Promotion

> E-mail Marketing

> Bolstering Word-of-Mouth Marketing

> Creative marketing ideas / hosting & promoting events


For Gloria was named after the Founder's sister, born with a mental disability. Our company is passionate about people with disabilities. As such, at least half of the profits from the company go towards benefiting various causes for people with disabilities through various non-profits supporting people with disabilities.

History & Timeline

In 2011, ForGloria's founder, Daniel, helped grow a small startup company with 3 people to over $4 million USD in sales.

In 2014, Daniel launched his own startup and in the course of just a few short years, had the opportunity to serve over a quarter million customers in the running industry.

In 2020, Daniel launched his marketing agency to help the underprivileged. 100% of the net proceeds from this agency goes towards people and organizations in need.

Shirt Designs & Video Creation for Companies

Just a small gallery of some of the work we've done...

Kid2Kid Box Subscription

In This Together Virtual Run

Run & Virtual Travel around the World

Our marketing team is currently located in Taipei, Taiwan and all around the United States.