The Brief

It took me over 30 years to learn one of the simplest gifts to give to a family with a loved one with special needs is a simple laptop or tablet.

I learned this through the life of my sister. For 30 years, my family went through at times an unbearingly difficult time living with her mood swings, her bad habits, and in essence, her mental disability.

A key breakthrough came when we realized how a simple laptop or tablet would change her life. YouTube gave her some semblence of freedom for the first time to explore her interests and what she wanted to watch. At the same time, it gave my parents (her caretakers) more freedom to live their lives as she would spend much of the day in her interests on YouTube.

Her condition (Intellectual Disability & Autism) was diagnosed to be severe. Yet over time, she learned how to spell, type, and find what she was interested in on her own.

While her condition may not be the same as others with disabilities, I'm almost certain many other families and caretakers of those with intellectual disabilities would also greatly benefit from a good laptop or tablet. And most importantly, I believe those with special needs will also experience a level of freedom and joy that my sister gets to now experience daily.

My hope and mission is to be able to donate as many laptops/tablets to those with special needs who may not be able to afford it. More Updates and Exciting News to come!

If you know of any families in need of a laptop or tablet, please email us at

If you would like to be part of this cause, shoot me an email as well as

The Why

I wanted to dedicate a significant portion of my life and focus on not only to raise money but also to donate a good portion of our company's profits to this cause. Not because I want to "feel good" or create a legacy of some sorts. And quite frankly, often the very people whom these laptops/tablets are going to are overlooked because they're not deemed "important" in society.

I want to dedicate to this cause because I've learned the immeasurable value in every life - even the ones that don't seem to have much value in society's eyes. Particularly the one closest to me, my sister. As little as she seems to "contributes", looking back at over 30 years, I've seen how her life has changed so many other lives for the better. The most impact I know is my own. She's helped me to do the impossible -- to become more patient, caring, and grateful. And that's only the beginning of how she's changed my life.

So this is simply a reflection of my deepest gratitude & appreciation For Gloria -- that what I learned would give her the most joy and freedom, I can pass on to others like her who are often overlooked and marginalized in society.

And I pray that through the lives of others like her, others would also reap the immeasurable benefits of unconditionally caring for those who can't care for themselves.

Latest Project: Partnering with Organizations / Small Business to Impact the World

In 2021, we're looking to partner and work with up to 10 organizations or companies to help make an impact in the lives of people around us.

The offer: Our team will help organize, market, and execute a virtual event across multiple channels that will give your organization exposure to tens of thousands of people. There is no cost for the organization and on top of that, any profits from the event will be shared with the organization.

1/3 of the profits taken from the event will go directly to organizations that assist with orphans around the world. 1/3 will be taken to cover our team's costs. 1/3 will be given to the organization or company.

Requirements: A value-added benefit to the customer/attendee of the event. It can be virtually anything (a service, baked goods, a class, food, etc.) The value-added benefit must be able to be delivered electronically or shipped since the event is not an in-person meetup.

Background / How it Works: Our company has been hosting events since 2014. We have extensive experience in marketing events across multiples channels that bring exposure to whatever we have to offer. We'll host the event, market it, and sell tickets to this virtual event we set up for you. Even if actual tickets sales are not significant, the traffic you get from our marketing efforts will be invaluable for your company. The best part is you won't have to pay for a marketing agency or costly digital ads that may not have a high ROI.

A virtual event can be as something as simple as a class we offer to the participants to teach them about something related to your product. The main draw is the value-added goods you give to the participants. On top of that, we can also add to your offer with other items participants usually look for (such as a shirt or branded apparel). We'll handle all the custom printing, designing, and fulfillment for providing custom branded apparel.

If you'd like to work with us, contact us at We'd love to work with you together to help impact someone's life.


In 2011, fresh out of College, I found myself working at a small startup of 3 people. Being that the company was so small, I had to wear a lot of hats -- one of which was marketing. And often times, there wouldn't be a lot of direction in how to utilize my 8 hours a day at work. The interesting tidbit was my desk was right in front of my boss' desk in clear view so I never really got a chance to "slack" at work. It was a challenging couple years fresh out of College but the time was invaluable and instrumental in me learning and exploring the challenges of a startup.

In 2013, the startup I worked for took a huge turn, riding the wave of Groupon and hit over $4 mil in sales. This was when I learned a lot on customer service, working in volumes, social media, PR, and countless other learning experiences. Shortly after, the company I worked for was in debt. It's funny how success and money works sometimes. By 2014, the company I worked for could no longer afford to pay my salary.

In 2014, I contemplated between moving to Taiwan to find a teaching job and be closer with my parents & sister or giving it a shot at my own startup. I ended up choosing the latter. For a year, I slept on my cousin's floor and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday. I worked from 8:00am-11:00pm each day and had only Sundays off. I flew Spirit airlines wearing all my clothes so I didn't have to pay for a bag. 2 years of focused work out of College was key to helping me with the discipline I needed during this time.

From 2014 - 2018, our company survived. But we just barely scraped by each year. What made things worse was our company was hit with a lawsuit.

In 2018, I decided to move to abroad to be closer with my family. I took a big step of faith in completely changing our business model.

In 2019, the lawsuit was dropped and the company continued to grow at a healthy rate.

In 2020, the pandemic hit and we completely switched gears in our business model. I also decided that our company would be more heavily invested in other avenues of growth.

In 2021, I'm praying the Lord would give me wisdom in how my company can be more generous and invest more in people and ideas that positively impact the world.

There were countless days in my first 7 years out of College where I felt depressed and thought of my friends who seemingly had great success in their careers.

But from every challenge, failure, and difficult times, I took away an invaluable learning experience I could not have achieved on my own. And in between, I learned more about my trade each year.